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Welcome to, your free online resource that provides up to date data on what employees in the Australian HR and Recruitment Industry really earn.

HR Partners bring to you a snapshot of the key facts and figures compiled from our real time 'Salary Survey Tool'. This is a free portal where Australian HR and Recruitment professionals share their salary and remuneration information. Below is a selection of reports based on the salary profiles submitted to the salary portal.

See how
your salary compares to the average salary within your sector; browse available HR and Recruitment jobs or tell us, all things being equal, how much MORE money would it take to convince you to move to a NEW job with similar conditions to your current job? Tell us now through Name Your Price!


The Highs and Lows of HR
We reveal the Top 5 and Bottom 5 Paid salaries for HR jobs in Australia.
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The Face off - Males Vs Females
The votes are in! After 4,500 salary entries were received from Australian HR Professionals we reveal, beyond doubt, who really earns more in HR – males or females.
Click here to read: HR average salary

Who is head of the HR Salary pack?
We uncover Australia’s fastest (and slowest!) growing salaries with the HR function.
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Regional Rivalry
Sydney and Melbourne are put under the microscope in our HR Salary Survey, as we put one of the many debates to rest and uncover where HR Professionals earn more money – Sydney or Melbourne.
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A Little Extra on the Side
Which industries are leading the pack in terms of salary and benefits for HR professionals? We examine HR jobs in a wide variety of industries from Cosmetics to Construction and FMCG to Finance.
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